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What You Say, and How You Say It,
Says a Lot About You and Your Organisation!

  • Masterful Public Speaking will allow you to present your message with Impact and Influence and Confidently express your ideas and vision to your team or audience

  • Mastering the fear of public speaking is a powerful life skill and game-changer for your career! Whether you want to attract more clients, advance your career or inspire your team, you must master public speaking skills to become more effective and successful.

Giving a Presentation

"A well prepared speech is already nine-tenths delivered"

- Dale Carnegie

Speaking Mastery Will Help You Speak With Impact and Influence While:

  • Chairing a Conference or Board Meeting

  • Presenting a Keynote Speech

  • Making an Elevator Pitch to Promote Your Business or Yourself

  • Hosting a Live Seminar or Online Program

  • Leading a Team Meeting

  • Pitching an Important Investment Proposal

  • Facilitating a Group Discussion

  • Launching a New Product

Learn More About How Speaking Mastery Can Help to Change Your Life and Move Your Career Forward!

What We Do

Do you have questions about our services or training? Do you want to learn more about how we can help you with your presentation, storytelling, and communication needs?

What People Say...

There simply aren’t enough people like Sharookh in this world. What he taught me helped inspire hundreds of young minds.  I will use this momentum to continue improving so that more lives will be impacted for the better.  He enabled me to reach deep within myself, to reach beyond the stars.  Sharookh, I bow to you in gratitude.

— Warrick Chu, Chairman & Founder, Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar

The attendees’ overall comments were consistent: “Excellent”, “Awesome”, “Loved it”, “Wonderful” “Very insightful”, “Strong elements and proof”, Overall very enjoyable”. We look forward to Sharookh’s next sessions and strongly recommend him to anyone who wishes to retain his services in the public speaking and leadership development arena.

—  Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

Sharookh’s workshop Communication Matters: Presentation Skills 101 was highly relevant and valuable to our group of future leaders. He was a skilled, entertaining and inspiring teacher who used a range of real-life examples and stories to enhance the learning. By involving each participant in hands-on activities and leading by example, Sharookh kept everyone engaged throughout.

—  TiE Young Entrepreneurs Global Program (TYE)

Sharookh is making big waves as a coach, His ability to connect and direct individuals in a direction that leads to self-discovery and growth was evident from the rave reviews I heard from many of his clients.  A community leader and an icon in his circle of influence he is looked upon as the “go-to coach and Keynote speaker” when it comes to developing yourself and reaching high intensity goals. 

— Dananjaya Hettiarachichi, World Champion of Public Speaking 2014

Sharookh’s timing, humor and flow were fantastic.  He wove a story through his presentation – demonstrating that he’s definitely a professional!   He had the audience laughing and hanging on to his every word – very commendable.  I look forward to hearing Sharookh speak again in the near future.

—  Sherrin Western, President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Sharookh Daroowala is an extraordinary communicator whose appreciation for language is evident in the way that he elevates the spoken word to an art form. A true wordsmith, Sharookh’s speaking style belies his deep understanding of the power of verbal discourse. His experience with mediation, coupled with his passion for presenting, positions him as a powerful resource in almost any speaking situation.

—  Mark L Brown, World Champion of Public Speaking 1995

Sharookh Headshot.jpg

Meet Sharookh

Speaking Mastery for Professionals founder, Sharookh Daroowala has 35 years of international business experience including 20 years of coaching to motivate and inspire people of all ages and walks of life to become more confident through the power of public speaking.


Sharookh’s clients include business professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, community leaders, public figures, celebrities, aspiring and professional speakers, TEDx speakers, high school students and anyone who wants to craft and deliver their message and ideas with impact and influence. 

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